Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rosie Roark

Rosie Roark
Oil on Wood
You can't beat beginning the day with a visit from a fine neighbor and her wonderful dog, a big, black lab also named Rosie. The Rosies bounded through the garden while we sipped coffee and chatted in the warm sun on the deck. By the end, both dogs reeked from some kind of skunk encounter and were totally spent. Our neighbors went home to wash up and get on with their day.  Not wanting to break the spell, my dog and I "headed for the hills," as Granny Mouse used to say, where our day unfolded gently. A young deer family and a few turkeys shared the meadow, while rabbits hopped around the periphrey and birds conducted their daily routine all around.  It's dinner time and my Rosie is still zonked. I am relaxed and peaceful beyond measure.

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