Thursday, April 12, 2012

Afternoon on the Couch

Afternoon on the Couch
Oil on Wood
I seem to be doing a dog series.
But if I say I am, that will probably be the end of it. 
The other night I watched Art-21's documentary about the artist Andrea Zittel.
Her entire life is her art and her art is her life. I guess that is true of all of us. But her commitment to her vision is astounding. I find that as soon as I define a path, my inclination is to wander away. Distracted.  Disobedient. Attracted to the periphery. Not bad. But not linear. Not predictable. And probably not very grown up.
In the meantime, my dog doesn't judge and keeps our routine in check. Wake. Eat. Walk. Couch. Lunch. Couch. Walk. Eat. Sleep. 

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