Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Man and Dog in the Meadow

Man and Dog in the Meadow
Oil on Wood
A word about competitions. They are poison for me.
 I try to create for the judges rather than doing what I do. And when my work is not chosen, it takes forever to regain confidence.
I am not a fan of prizes for creative work in general. One person. Singled out of a group all deserving of recognition, because someone or some select group came to consensus for some complicated set of subjective or political reasons. 
 Books heralded as prize winners rarely become my favorites.  But Ann Patchett's beautifully written editorial, "And the Winner Isn't..." in today's N.Y Times, gave me a different perspective.  All any of us wants is to be seen, heard, and understood. Prizes create buzz, which leads to more people seeing and hearing what we have to say, which is all for the better. Maybe someday I will outgrow my aversion to judgement. And then again. Maybe not.
And then. The day ends with a
 great Giants game at their beautiful ball park in the prettiest city on earth, and all the angst dissolves in a pool of awe.

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