Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rosie 3

Rosie 3
Oil on Wood
Why is that one morning you get to the studio with the intention to make a particular painting and it just happens. Right then and there. Without the usual hemming and hawing, angst, self-doubt, inventive hours of procrastinating, nor gentle cajoling. The dog was sitting still in the living room. Morning sun illuminated her golden fur.  An old 8"X8" panel was ready to be painted over, and I finally got the color mixing right, not to mention her nose, eye and ear, and the relationship between them. I suppose all that went before brought me to this one painting. Now I wonder if I can send it off to the Golden Retriever Foundation Art Auction for their fundraiser. Or. Do I need to keep it for myself. Because it is as close to recreating Rosie as I am likely to come. And it is a reminder of this morning when it all came together for no particular reason except I must have stopped trying so hard.

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