Thursday, March 31, 2011


Uncharted Waters
Oil on Canvas
Finally. I made progress this afternoon. With Mozart filling the room. The sun shining a little too bright. After yet another trusted artist friend suggested more paint, as others have said how many times before. With art books (Diebenkorn, Porter, Thiebaud, Raimonds Staprans) open on the floor. After watching wonderful, creative, song-a-day Jonathan Mann's Kickstarter video. In the throws of a migrane. Finally. I just mixed up a big batch of paint and without hesitation, applied it in a big way. This painting was started in Maine in September. It's come a long way. If you had seen it this morning, you wouldn't recognize it now. I'm not saying it's finished. But something snapped. I let go. And let's hope I will remember how in the morning.

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