Monday, March 21, 2011

At the Museum with Mary

At the Museum with Mary
Oil on Wood
Friday morning in yet another rain storm my neighbor, Mary, and I fled to the Legion of Honor to see the fabulous paper art of Isabelle de Borchgrave. Amazing and fun and beautiful and anything but gray, it was a good antidote to everything going on in and around my studio. I am still struggling with painting large. After taking a few days off from that endeavor, and then relishing the process of painting this little moment with my friend at the museum, I wonder why I don't just stick with what I love.


  1. I love that your museum paintings show up in the Spring. Don't they? It seems as though you have some rainy weather and then paint the things that are done on rainy days.
    I went to 2 museums last winter, and lightly wondered if someone was painting me looking at Klee or Miro, Degas or Calder.

  2. Barb, You are so right. I do turn to different subjects in various seasons. Today I went back to working on a Maine painting. Summer is right around the corner.