Monday, November 22, 2010

Sonoma Vineyards

Sonoma Vineyards
Oil on Wood

The skies have been putting on quite a show the last few days. Sonoma was all yellows and shades of grey this weekend. And back in Sausalito, the sky is changing by the minute. Mesmerizing.
Last night I watched "Herb and Dorothy" a documentary about the Vogels, two ordinary people who built a world class art collection and then gave it all to The National Gallery. I love that they just did it. Without rules or anyone telling them what was good. And that they only bought what they loved and could afford, which wasn't much on meager salaries, and that they didn't care about making money. They GAVE it all away. Not only is the film thoroughly entertaining, but the underlying message about art being accessible to the likes of you and me was just what I needed at this moment when I am a little dispirited about the elusive nature of art promotion. One could spend all one's time trying to get attention. Or. One could hunker down and paint.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on "Herb and Dorothy" Susan, I will check it out. I used to live out in the Sonoma/Napa region and I agree with you, very spectacular scenery!
    Love your art, keep up the great work,