Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nicole Krauss

Last night, despite feeling fluish, I tore myself away from the Giants game and headed for Herbst to hear Nicole Krauss at City Arts and Lectures. I arrived just as the last inning was unfolding, so I ducked into Max's to see the end play out. People had been watching a big screen set up outside City Hall which was bathed in deep orange light.

After the last pitch, everyone spilled into the street, cheering.
Inside, Krauss talked about her themes of joy and loss and human connection. About the burden of inheritance, uncertainty, and how we wonder if we will ever be fully known.
The celebration was still in full swing when we left Herbst at 9p.m. Perfect strangers sharing a moment of glee.

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  1. The History of Love is one of my favorite books. Amazing transmission of pain and love and loss and joy and acceptance and curiosity and mystery and memory and how they feel in the cells of your body.

    Sticking with your evening's dual experience I guess the same can be said for the Gigantic Ones and the World Seriousness.

    Not to mention the election results.

    Wow. Everything is Illuminated.