Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Susan Landor Keegin Painting - The Gift

The Gift
Oil on Cigar Box
The older we get, the less we want or need things of any kind. Some time ago my friend, John, gave me some old cigar boxes to paint on. Today is his birthday. So I spent the morning watching egrets fishing in the Mill Valley wetlands near his house. And then I came home and painted the old box imbuing it with new life. Egrets are for some a symbol of wisdom. I just like the way they move and go about their daily business of survival, oblivious to their amazing grace and beauty. I could say the same about my friend, John. A little reminder that life is about living and loving the world around us. Which is pretty much all any of us want when it comes to birthdays.

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  1. Susan, While you are producing oil paintings on your cigar boxes, Steve Willis is producing Ukuleles made from his cigar boxes. A well made box producing art and music; wonderful! -Roberta