Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rose Bouquet

Rose Bouquet
Oil on Wood Panel
Yesterday afternoon I stopped in to see Robert M. Kulicke's paintings at the Paul Thiebaud Gallery.
Exquisite little jewels. Small paintings of simple flower bouquets, pears, half peeled oranges, and other fruit, alone and in combination. Dark backgrounds are the key to the intimate power of these little paintings.
I came right home, picked a few roses, and put them in my favorite crystal vase that was a housewarming present 24 years ago. I set the bouquet on a counter in my studio and hung a black velvet cloth behind it.
I didn't mention that Kulicke also built elaborate frames for his little paintings. I'm not doing that. At least not yet. I'm going outside to pick some more roses so I can make another painting before the day is over.

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