Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chips are Down

Chips are Down
Oil on Wood
Super Bowl excitement is building. I love the anticipation, the game, the extreme weather, the fun food, and more than anything, the ads. I even like the pre game hype for the ads which is a new phenomenon that escalates yearly. Advertising is an art form too. Don't miss the beautiful Guinness Olympic ad about the Barnes Twins Biathletes that is making the rounds online today.  Simple, beautifully imagined, and moving. (This may no longer be online by Friday)
Yesterday I read Steven Kurutz's entertaining New York Times article, "Cleaning Up in Their 90s"about 91 year olds, Lee and Morty Kaufman who by chance became pitchmen for Swiffer products. Oh, to be grabbing the limelight together at 90. The mere thought of it set me up for the whole day. 

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