Monday, March 18, 2013

The Things We Save - Blue Coat - Painting

The Things We Save - Blue Coat
Oil on Masonite
Along with the sailor dress, my friend's mother saved this blue wool coat. Also beautifully preserved for 50 years, now it is having a new life as the subject of a painting. Not only that, but the whole episode has sent me on an investigation of the past, and holding on to things, and the meaning of things, and the fragility of life, and the passage of time, and missing my past, and oh so many memories. The present is the sum total of all of that, which might be why Life seems so full and precious at the moment. Surely my friend's mother had no idea that hanging on to her daughter's wardrobe would have meaning  to any of us out here. But there you go. Ripples make ripples make waves. What we do matters beyond our wildest dreams.

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