Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bouquets to Art - De Young Museum

Bouquets to Art
Oil on Wood
Last night at the de Young Museum a friend and I and a lot of other people of all ages wandered around taking in "Bouquets to Art 2013" a yearly show of flower arrangements inspired by works of art we've seen many times before. Flowers imitating art, imitating flowers. Fun, fresh, lively, a sure sign that Spring is here. And a chance to see old favorites in a new light. 
The painting, "November in Nevada" by Maynard Dixon never held my attention until I saw it in relation to this simple selection of delicate flowers, tall and short, and parted as if blown by the breeze. Now it joins the long list of favorites that will be visited again long after the flowers have left, and the memory of their presence swallowed up by Dixon's painting for the rest of time.

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