Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September in Sonoma - New Season

September in Sonoma
Oil on Canvas
It's not that I haven't been painting. Just before leaving Maine I took a workshop with
Henry Isaacs. Now I am trying to integrate lessons learned with whatever it is I do. Which is what, exactly? Disintegrating in the process. All to the good in the end no doubt. We will see what comes of this not so comfortable exercise.
I almost gave up on the above after seeing Maira Kalman's marvelous show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco. She is what she is and does what she does. No excuses. With humor and joy and beauty mixed in. She says, "There is a strong personal narrative aspect to what I do. What happens in my life is interpreted in my work. There is very little separation. My work is my journal of my life." Her objective is to figure out "how to live and how to die." That's what she does all day long, stopping to have a few snacks along the way. She walks the streets, photographs what she sees, and makes sense of the chaos with words and pictures. So? Isn't that what I do? Is that not a lofty goal? Or at least enough? Banishing Insecurity and self-doubt from the kingdom.
See Kalman tell it like it is on Ted.com.


  1. Love your newest painting, Susan! Colors, style everything, even if it isn't marine-focused.

    Best, Sam R.

  2. Thanks, Sam. Am trying to push myself along.