Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Pink Shoes Step Up to Vija Celmins' "Flying Fortress"

Pink Shoes Step Up to Vija Celmins' "Flying Fortress"
Oil on Wood

Available for sale online HERE.

The interesting thing was that many people came dressed in black, white, and grey. And then there were these bright pink shoes that punctuated the mostly monochrome masterful works of art.  Vija Celmins' retrospective at SF MOMA, "To Fix the Image in Memory," is so aptly named. The experience has stayed with me, a constant calming companion, even through these busy days and nights. I will be mulling it all over and over and will go back for more. 
"If you really look at an image...it stays in your memory. So then memory does other things to it. Sometimes a work fades...Sometimes you have to run back and see if you remember it correctly...It's an alive experience...a give and take." Celmins

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