Monday, March 28, 2016

In the Pink with Rothko

In the Pink with Rothko
Oil on Wood
Rothko's "Pink and White Over Red" warms the heart, continuing to glow like an after image, long after seeing it at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University last week. It's worth a trip to meander through the beautifully designed building gazing at wonderful art without crowds or any hullabaloo. Admission is free. A gift that keeps on giving.
In the meantime, speaking of gifts, Spring has sprung in the garden. Everything is in bloom. Dogwoods, calla lilies, roses, azaleas, camellias, wisteria, blue bells, and my favorite, forget-me-nots. It was a little miracle that just happened to coincide with Easter and the turkeys that strutted their stuff in the Sonoma meadow on Saturday.  The tenacity of Nature is a great tonic at this time of year. The color, the fragrance, the beauty, and audacity of it all. It even rivals Rothko.

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