Friday, January 15, 2016

Man with a Yellow Slicker Meets de Kooning's "Door to the River"

"Man with a Yellow Slicker Meets de Kooning's 'Door to the River' "
Oil on Wood
Finally. I am delving into images collected during our December visit to New York. This one is from the wonderful Whitney Museum which we had mostly to ourselves on Christmas Eve day. It was an unexpected outing resulting in pure pleasure. The best kind.

There is something about Winter and embarking on a New Year that compels me to gather up my friends and family. I have spent many January afternoons seeing my friends, one by one. There is nothing like friendship to warm the heart and counteract the cold. Optimism flourishes despite the world's ills and ugliness. Beauty prevails. No matter what.
Be sure to read David Brooks' "When Beauty Strikes" in today's New York Times.

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