Monday, September 21, 2015

Enthralled By Frankenthaler

"Enthralled By Frankenthaler"
Oil on Wood
Visiting the De Young Museum never fails to reveal something new. This time it was Helen Frankenthaler's, "Crusades" holding its own in a room full of Diebenkorns.  The orange, the green, and all that is unseen just below the surface drew me in, as did the man with his bright blue bag slung across his back, who stood transfixed for a long time taking it all in.
Less is more. 
John McPhee's New Yorker masterpiece, "Omissions" is all about editing. He writes about writing, but what he says could be applied to all art, and to life, for that matter.  What is essential? We all have a lot to learn. Read to the end. 

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