Monday, January 26, 2015

Hanging Out with Haring

Hanging Out with Haring
Oil on Wood
I hadn't planned to see the Keith Haring, The Political Line exhibit currently at the de Young Museum, but when my friend called last week and suggested it, I jumped at the opportunity to see her, and to soak in some inspiration that can always be found in that beautiful place. What a surprise. First the exuberance of color and quantity and fun that fills the rooms. And then the nice man who showed up in his shimmery blue shorts suit, on the front of which he had stitched the letters, 
"O B A M A" in sequins, the "O" circling his neck, in honor of the president's State of the Union Address. It was WOW and sweet and personal and political mirroring exactly Haring's life's work for which I have a new admiration. 
(Don't miss the video featuring interviews with Haring in the Media Room.)
 Imagine how many things I have missed by failing to recognize that, as a friend of mine said last night, "every life is interesting when you take the time to delve into it."

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