Friday, July 12, 2013

Confused Sea

Confused Sea
Oil on Wood
Thursday morning looked like blue sky potential, so Rosie and I rowed to the dock to do our daily mail run. By the time we got home, the fog was in thick again,  and the weather and my mood was deteriorating. Much as I cherish my time alone on the island, the combination of gray skies, cold, and mosquitos was finally getting to me.  Thinking I could use an infusion of human contact,  I invited  the two Heliker LaHotan Artists in ResidenceKathi Smith and Jennifer Rosengarten,a few other visitors, plus several friends from the end of the island to come for cocktails at 6. What a great idea that was. Two hours interacting with interesting, enthusiastic, fun people. What a tonic. And today, like magic, the sun came out and obliterated the angst that has been hanging around me this week.

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