Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roque Island

Roque Island
Oil on Wood
This morning was a little too windy for rowing so I picked up "Writing on Stone, Scenes from a Maine Island Life" and read on the deck awhile instead. I met the author, Christina Marsden Gillis on the airplane this June. She was reading my all time favorite book, Nicole Krauss,' "The History of Love,"so I chatted her up and discovered she and her family spend summers on Gotts Island and had written a book about it. Alone with her words, thoughtfully chosen describing the island, its history, life, death, family. All that matters is there. It felt like a gift to have connected with her and this book.
The rest of the day unfolded as in a dream. Rosie and I sat on the beach watching the seagulls devour last week's leftovers. Then we walked to the post office. The postmistress and I commiserated about our phones being out of order and I got so riled up I forgot to mail my letters. Then someone fell overboard while docking a boat. Saved by the boatyard boys, I was reminded how quickly everything can fall apart.
A long afternoon in the studio was the most productive yet. Now for some more reading and a good movie or two. (In honor of Nora Ephron, I watched "Heartburn" last night. And then, Bill Nighy in "Page Eight," a BBC thriller that I highly recommend.)

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