Friday, May 4, 2012

Rosie on the Rug

Rosie on the Rug
Oil on Wood
The sun is back and it's the weekend. Setting off for Sonoma, having decided to pass on Open Studios this year. The studio is full of paintings about to be shipped to Maine. And dogs galore. If anyone wants to take a look before they go, stop by early next week. (Call first.) 
The studio is also filled with notes jotted down on scraps of paper here and there. Each a little inspiration coming from someone on the radio or in an article, or from my own mind. Having read Jane Brody's "Making Progress Against Clutter" article in Tuesday's New York Times, I am on a throw- everything -away binge again. But I'm having a hard time parting from the little pieces of paper:
"dumb luck and good fortune" - Explanation for marrying my best friend and biggest fan.
"shine a light on ordinary life" - Wish I could remember who said that. It's at the root of what I try to do.
"close to home" - Title for a series of paintings. Or a book. Three words that calm me right down.
"seeing in a different light" - Another title or series idea. 
"at sea" - Along with "off course" and "struggle," describing my state of mind.
Now that I've written them here, maybe I can toss the pieces of paper and head for the hills with Rosie.

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