Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Boats Racing on San Francisco Bay

Big Boats Racing on San Francisco Bay
Oil on Wood
Big boats, big bridge, big bay, Winning combination. I wonder if the sailors know how beautiful they look on the water, like dancers choreographed by the wind. And if they would care less about winning or losing if they knew how much they contribute to the beauty of the landscape just by being there.
Yesterday I read every page of The New York Times Magazine "What if the Secret to Success is Failure?" Especially thought provoking, "The Character Test" and "Back in the Ol' Hippie Hothouse" about the resurrection of Antioch College, my alma mater. ("Antioch College, No Football Team Since 1929." Yes, that Antioch College.) But most of all, if you want to get inspired to some good in the world, don't miss "The Educational Experiences that Change a Life." Various people of note remember pivotal teachers and educational experiences that influenced the individuals they became. Oh my. To teach and change a life!  If only I could do that. Just once even. Horace Mann, the first president of Antioch College beseeched graduates to "...Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." I better get crackin'.

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