Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love Story Cigar Box

Love Story Cigar Box
Oil on Wood Cigar Box

I do like the idea of a "Love Story." My all time favorite books and movies involve finding love in one way or another. I mean, nothing holds a candle to finding and holding on to love.
Speaking of love, I stopped by my local See's Candies store this morning to stock up on chocolates. I know Mary See is long gone but they still manage to hire the sweetest people who act like they mean it and never fail to give you a candy to sample. A simple gesture that makes my day every time. We all could be nicer to one another if we tried.


  1. Susan-

    Hold this one out for me, OK? - Mike F

  2. Susan: I have to admit I 'Sees' your way! And love your 'Love Story'...
    ox Cindy