Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grannie's Wine Glass

Grannie's Wine Glass
Oil on Wood Panel
It's kind of amazing to think of everything Grannie's crystal has been through. First that she was able to negotiate leaving Germany with her family and possessions. I may have gotten the year wrong. But it was late and this was what the family was offered. A German businessman would buy the old family mill business for $1. In exchange, he would see to it that the whole family could leave with their possessions. I wish I knew more details. But I do remember it involved her being in a public lady's room and slipping money under the stall. Not sure if she was paying, or receiving. I think it was the latter.
Once in London, there were the bombings. They went to the country and sewed valuables into the hems of their curtains.
In the 1950s the crystal followed her by ship to San Francisco where they survived my childhood, the 1989 earthquake, my children, and numerous special celebrations. Including recent trips to my studio to star in this series of paintings.

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