Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Contemplating RothkO

Contemplating RothkO
Oil on Canvas

Yesterday I went to SF Moma to see the Martin Puryear exhibit before it closes. It was Free Tuesday. The museum was packed with all kinds of people. Turns out photography is allowed in the permanent collection. I went crazy. So many favorite paintings. So many people milling around. Like cows in a field. Boats on the water. Dogs in the fog. Here is the first MOMA Museum Goer. I wanted to paint this image on a large canvas. Rothko cries out for large. But I didn't have the right size. So I went with 12"X12" which seemed rediculous but after seeing all the masters, I was desparate to start painting. No matter how I stockpile, I never have the size I want. Now I'm off to procure more canvas.

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